BioPure Neem Synergy

BioPure Neem Synergy

Traditional Lifegiving Tree from India

Neem, Amla & Guduchi work synergistically to support the immune system.

BioPure’s Neem Synergy is a potent combination of three of the most valued herbs in Ayurveda: Neem, Amla and Guduchi. 120 capsules per bottle.

Neem comes from a large tropical evergreen tree, commonly known as the “Margosa tree,” that is native to India. 

The Neem tree has played a key role in the lives of Indians for centuries, providing food and shelter, a variety of products used for hygiene and beauty aids, agricultural fertilizers, insecticides, and traditional medicines.

Ayurvedic, Unani, and Homeopathic traditions have utilized various parts of the tree exhaustively, bringing Neem the nickname “Wonder Tree” among others. Over 135 bioactive compounds have been identified within the various parts of the Neem tree. A few of the more well known and highly studied are azadirachtin, quercitin, and liminoids such as nimbidin.

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