BioPure Core-S

BioPure Core-S

BioPure’s Core-S is a modified formulation of our Core product. Core-S is a blend of highly bioavailable forms of 6 minerals, 4 vitamins, 1 amino acid, and an herb, in a unique combination formulated to support core aspects of human health.

With the exception of calcium, which forms a major part of our bone structure, most of the minerals in the human body are present in relatively small amounts, but their importance to human health cannot be overstated.* The trace minerals in Core-S play critical roles as cofactors in a myriad of enzymatic pathways.

Although most minerals are available in foods we eat, deficiencies can occur from a number of causes including environmental factors, injury recovery, genetics, stress, medications, overexertion, athletes demanding high performance, aging, diets, bacterial infections, and lifestyle differences. Core-S is an additional source of important trace minerals and other nutrients.

In Core-S, we have removed supplemental manganese from the formula for consumers who may prefer this formulation based on their consultation with their health care provider. It is important to understand that manganese is an essential trace mineral that plays critical roles in the skeletal, circulatory, reproductive, and nervous systems, and numerous enzymatic, immune, and antioxidant reactions throughout the body.

Even though most people receive sufficient amounts from the food they eat (especially manganese-rich foods such as pineapple, pecans, peanuts, oats, wheat, and beans), we suggest consulting your healthcare practitioner to be sure you are receiving an adequate supply of manganese in your diet.


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